The treatment by Naoya Kochi technique Video


For shooting the video for the real situation, we have shooted the video for the treatment withou t any advance notice.

・The shooter saw the treatment for the first time.

・The person being treated has apain.

Therefore, we didn’t parepare any set for shooting.

The video camera isn’t that for professional, but a smartphone.

So, it can be a grainy video.

I have subtitled in English and Italian.
If you want, please click “subtitle” at the lower right, and choice “English” or “Italian”.
In the future, I have a plan to subtitle in Spanish and Portuguese language, too.


1・Hip joint pain treatment

Here is the technique by which, if the patient has a pain by the movement of the hip joint, you can change the function of the hip joint in the better, only by touching the patient’s head using Kochi Method® technique.

This technique, we are going to learn it in the Kochi Method semminer Master- Course.


Kochi Shiatsu massage Method® Home Page



2・Anteflexion Back pain




2・Making muscles relaxed = shoulder pain ◎

Fatigue causes a muscle stiffening

Frequently it is not easy to relax the stiffened muscle.

This time, by using Kochi Method® technique, we relax muscles in a short time.

As the result the relaxation, the patient feels better on the spot.

Please attention to the expression of several persons that are surprised by the result.




3・“The Energy【氣】” that is used in Kochi Shiatsu massage Method®

Do you know how is the energy?

In oriental medicine , they call this energy the 【氣】“Qi”.

This energy is not a normal ogject. So you cannot to percept nor to understand without supernatural power.

But, if, by using the【氣】“Qi” really, you find the change of the human body, you can feel or understand the energy, isn’t it?

This time, I will show you, on the video, “The Energy” that is used in Kochi Shiatsu massage Method®.

For realizing the video with real situation, this time, I have not told the model and the photographer about this video. I have made the video ad-lib.




4・Approach to treatment on the arm-numbness

On the treatment for the patient that has a strong numbness in an arm and cannot even hold a fork.

This time, I’ll show you the Kochi Method treatment by using the 【氣】“Ki”.

Why don’t you learn Kochi Method that is  very good for heavy illness?





6・Forward bend back pain technique.


The how to provide a cura for patients that have back pain that comes in being when they bend yourself forward.

Low back pain that comes in being when you bend yourself forward: the point is the diaphragma!

Treatment of diaphragma,you can do SHIKAN of muscles of the back side of the thigh, too.

And you can cure the low back pain.

And you can bend yourself forward very much, come before.



7・Back pain